Focus: 2019 January 29

The best mom-break is curling up with a good book and a cup of coffee!

Hey there! We’ve had a fun-filled outdoor day today, which had been awesome for the green theme I’m playing with in Instagram right now. The kiddo is having a late nap, which is giving me the perfect opportunity to regroup, plan my evening, and get motivated.


I’ve done my laundry – which I need to put away.

I took my kid to the park where he got some awesome interaction with other kids, more specifically boys his age, which was awesome!

I’ve gotten to enjoy not just one but TWO cups of coffee.

I helped my mom carry in her groceries.

And I’ve actually got quite a bit of cleaning done today – and organizing! So many little papers and knick-knacks that I really don’t even need have accumulated in my drawers, and I spent a good part of this morning clearing them out and making more room! I can’t wait to have my room so incredibly organized that there is no clutter. Everything needs a spot, or I will go crazy!


There’s not that much daylight left, and it was rather cold today, so we’re probably done with outside play.

So I’m going to really push books and creative play and steer clear of the tv or phone! On my little bookshelf in my room, I’ve arranged several of my kiddo’s favorite nighttime reads, so I’m going to point those out to him when he starts asking for his favorite show, Goldie and Bear. (It’s such a cute show, but I refuse to let us become couch zombies!)

I’ll give my kiddo an extra long bath tonight! One of his favorite things are these really cool bathtub markers, so I’ll help me color the entire perimeter of the tub tonight. It will be a rainbow tub!

I’m also going to make sure he eats plenty of fruits and veggies with his dinner tonight. He’s had some the past few days but not as many as usual, and he’s always such a good eater that I need to encourage those good habits while he’s young.

I’m also diving into Talking As Fast As I Can, Lauren Graham’s autobiography/memoir, and I am beyond excited. Just reading the introduction I could already hear her voice in my head. Any other Gilmore Girls fans out there?

I am…

I am an awesome mom.

I am healthy.

I am happy.

I am energetic.

I am in a good mood.

I will…

I will fully engage in playtime with my kid.

I will ignore my phone except for calls and texts – which I don’t get too much of anyways.

I will encourage my kid to expand his vocabulary.

I will listen when my kid talks.

I will do a bit of reading once he’s asleep for the night.

I will do a bit of writing once he’s asleep for the night.

I will continue to organize and clean, encouraging my kiddo to help while we play!

Thanks for reading!

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