The Reason We’re Postponing Potty Training

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Potty training is here!

…or is it?

We were reading to take the plunge (ha, plunger joke), but we’ve decided to wait another month or two – why?

Just a heads up, this post is geared towards parents who are potty training or having trouble potty training, so we’ll be talking about bathroom things. Some of you will think this is TMI.

The situation…

My kiddo has always been uncomfortable in bathrooms, especially public ones. And even though he’s two now – he used to be pretty much terrified of the bathroom. He’s pretty comfortable hanging out in one at the house, but bathrooms are still a big “no” for him.

My kiddo is one of those kids that you can’t force into anything because, if anything, he’ll resist it even more simply because you’re trying to force him into something.

So rather than kicking and screaming and crying over the bathroom, we’re going to wait until he’s closer to two-and-a-half. And you know what? We’re totally fine with it.

Yes it’s a few more diaper changes, but I really feel like my kid specifically will have a backslide if we push it too much right now. I think if I push too much, he won’t want to do it at all.

So what are we doing until then?

Just because we’re not sitting on the potty yet, doesn’t mean we can’t make progress in potty training. We’re actually making quite big leaps while making a slow approach.

For now, I’m doing the best I can to make sure my kid understands what happens in the bathroom and that there won’t be any surprises. Most kids get scared of the noise a toilet makes, and that definitely applies to mine.

So we make trips to the bathroom a little adventure! Any time I go to the bathroom, my kid goes too. And no, I’m not one of those moms who had no privacy whatsoever. The bathroom trash cans are usually empty and clean, so he will usually throw a ball in there or play with the door handle. But the important thing is that I’m telling him what’s happening, and then I make a big deal about letting him flush the toilet.

Y’all, it’s actually working. The flush is usually the “scary” part to kids, and he is totally starting to expect that it’s his job to flush the toilet.

Now it’s up to you how involved you want your kid to be if you go this route too, and personally I think some trips to the bathroom should be done in private – like stinky ones. But the other trips, I totally take my kid with me.

You can even have “pretend” trips to the potty, or repeat the flush after you’re done. You can have your kid throw in a square or two of toilet paper and then wave bye together as your kid flushes the toilet. This sounds so weird, but I swear it’s working. Give it a try if your kid is just anti-toilets! It actually seems like it’s making it fun for him.

Tell me about your experiences!

I would love to hear about your potty training ventures as well! Any tips or tricks are greatly appreciated, and I’d love to share them with others as well!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for any potty-training updates in the future!

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