Focus: 2019 February 1

A morning cup of coffee should be savored.

Hello February!

Wow, January both ticked by slowly and flew by, and I’m not totally sure how it did both. It seemed like the cold days were extra cold and long – probably because it kept me from wanting to go outside – and although February is usually also cold here in Texas, it feels like the promise of Spring is getting closer and closer.

February feels like I’m a good chunk into the year with still almost a full year to accomplish whatever the heck I want! February is feeling pretty good actually. It is also my brother’s birthday month, and – shortly after his birthday – it is my birthday month too! Yes, February is feeling pretty good indeed.


Today I will be getting a lot of stuff done. However, I’m going to take this moment to remind myself – and you, kind reader, as well – that it is beyond okay to not get everything done. It is February, with the whole year looming ahead. There is plenty of time to get stuff done. But I am going to get some stuff done.

Organizationally, my room is starting to look pretty great, which means I can regularly clean without having to do a bunch of extra “picking up” every time before I even get out the cleaning supplies. Health-wise, I’ve finally started moving the right direction on the scale again, and I can continue to not overeat as really reach my goals – continuing an already pretty awesome accomplishment from last year. Related to books, I’m reading a ton – or at least a ton considering I have a two year old – and I’ve started to continue work on my own book as well. Plans for a nine-book series are still in the works, and I’ve had even more ideas of other stories to tell. And finally, motherhood is pretty sweet, and even though the cold is making me want to stay in, I’m even more motivated to get out and about and keep the kiddo busy.

I cannot tell y’all enough how nice it is to feel motivated, and a large part of that is because of these daily focus style blogs, especially the ones I write in the morning. Taking the time to actively think about, write about, and plan what I want to do has set my life in motion where I am no longer disappointed that I have so much to do. It no longer feels overwhelming to have goals other than being an awesome mom. All these goals suddenly seem more attainable, and it feels like once again I can really do anything I want to and the whole world is out there to give me the tools to do it. It’s a pretty awesome and wild feeling to have at twenty-five (almost twenty-six, wow!), and I want to encourage anyone reading this to either start a blog, a journal, or a diary in which you also focus in on a regular basis on what you want out of life.

I will…

I will wake up my kid early! I am also going to make a “goal schedule” in which I have the times written down that I would like for him to be awake, be napping, and be falling asleep, and I will do everything I can to make that happen. It might seem miserable for a couple days, but I’m going to get his sweet little self out of bed in the morning, encourage naptime for the full hour before I want him to nap, wake him up when I want that naptime to end, and focus on bedtime for a full hour before he should be sleeping – no exceptions, unless of course he’s sick which isn’t often (knock on wood). A side note, I am making this “schedule” based off of what he usually does. He seems like he really needs 12 hours of sleep total each day – 10 at night with a 2 hour nap, and he also seems like he wants to be awake a little longer in the evening than he does in the morning. My main goal is for him to be asleep by 8:30… I thought 7:30 would be nice, but when I think about him sleeping for 10 hours I’d rather my day start at 6:30 with him instead of 5:30 – at least for right now. So, I will eventually be shooting for waking up the kiddo at 6:30, letting him nap from 11:30 – 1:30, and having him asleep for the night by 8:30. That’s five fun hours in the morning and seven hours after nap time. It’s a schedule he will love, I just have to stick with it for a week so he gets used to it and it will feel natural for him. It’s very similar to what he’s already doing, I’ve just moved the whole pattern of being awake/asleep forward several hours. Now, 6:30 seems daunting, and I don’t want him to just cry unhappily, so today I will wake him up between 7:30 and 8. Too much too fast will make us both not want to do it – and yes, our days have been later than that, and it’s horrible how late we stay up. Bad mommy, bla bla bla, but at least I’m going to fix it – ha!

I will continue elaborating in great detail apparently (see above for an example).

I will also apparently laugh at my less than funny jokes – I think this is because I’m reading Lauren Graham’s autobiography/memoir, and I’ve always wanted to be as funny as she is.

I will do a small load of laundry, or I will plan on doing it tomorrow. Right now, I can’t even think of anything that needs to be washed – didn’t I just do it? That’s a nice feeling…

I will spend twenty minutes, three times today, organizing and cleaning.

I will do a small amount of reading.

I will do some writing.

I will wake my kid up early – there I abridged that first big chunk you might have skimmed a moment ago.

I will play outside with my kiddo – all we need to do is bundle up!

I will make healthy meals, encouraging my kiddo to help with the cooking and cleaning process.

I will spend an hour before naptime – and his bedtime – trying to get him to go to sleep. I will not leaning on the tv as a crutch for that full hour and then try to get him to sleep. I will have him lay down or sit in my lap while we read books! I think waking him up early will help him feel ready to nap, especially with outside play thrown in there.

I will make a budget.

I will make a loose schedule of activities we can do on a weekly basis in the afternoons to encourage waking up early.

I will take my kiddo to an playscape – probably indoors – this afternoon so he can interact with a bunch of other kiddos! This is something I need to continue to do much more regularly. Just because it’s weird and hard to make mom friends when your kid isn’t in daycare, doesn’t mean I can’t do it. We’re going to have fun play-dates this year!

I will use my time productively and wisely. I will limit social media, and I will focus on my kid throughout the day.

I will take time for myself during his nap. I will give myself time to play on Instagram and Pinterest during that time. I will paint my nails, do my makeup, organize my closet, and other things that make me feel young, fresh, and girly. Maybe I’ll even light some candles and take a bubble bath – yay me!

I will keep my kiddo so busy that he barely asks for the tv. I never wanted to be a tv mom, but if you’re a parent then you probably know things happen. Now, I just need to make them un-happen and help him build some better habits.

I will keep this feeling of happiness and readiness throughout the day, turning to this blog post to reread when I need motivation.

I am…

I am happy.

I am healthy.

I am an awesome mom.

I am motivated.

I am productive.

I am a fast and avid reader.

I am a writer.

I am funny, and I am pretty dang cute in my opinion – and my boyfriend’s (thanks babe!).

I am witty, quick, creative, and quirky, and I am also loving myself this morning.

I am totally happy with the loving myself thing.

Go me! And go you, kind reader!

Thanks for reading!

As always, hoping your day is as happy and productive as mine! I want to encourage you to practice self-love today – basically go do something for yourself, even if it’s skimming a magazine at the store or painting your nails a weird shade of green. If you want to hear more about my life, motherhood, books I’m reading, things I’m writing, and other things about life in general, subscribe and follow!