Focus: 2019 February 4

Spending time outside can bring so much happiness to your life.

Well this weekend was perfect! My boyfriend took me dancing on date night, and the rest of the weekend was filled with family and time to relax. I also felt like super mom yesterday because we spent forever outside – it was cloudy, but the weather felt pretty perfect in our bit of Texas. I didn’t really get anything productive done this weekend, but I feel completely refreshed and ready to conquer this entire week!


Today, I really feel like there’s a lot of options. This morning, we already assembled a bathroom shelf to surprise his daddy (we’ll leave the mounting-it-to-the-wall-part to him), and had waffles for breakfast. Now we’re cleaning up and organizing while playing with our trucks inside the giant box that the shelf came in.

To be productive today, I can do some cleaning up later today, some laundry, a tiny bit of reading, and write when my kiddo takes a nap.

To be a fun mommy, we’re going to play outside a lot today, just like yesterday! During my kiddos nap time, I will also plan out a full week of activities and outings for us, so my kiddo can be around plenty of other kids.

I will…

I will clean and organize.

I will wash and put away my laundry.

I will read and write.

I will spend time outside with my kid. We’ll probably fill the wagon up with water again and toss rocks inside to make it splash – that was a huge hit yesterday!

I will plan out my week!

I will also enjoy a cup of coffee in the middle of the day because I still haven’t had one yet.

I am…

I am happy!

I am healthy!

I am an awesome mom!

I am excited to take on the day!

I am looking forward to my days, knowing I have so much time to make the day how I want it to be.

I am energized!

Thanks for reading!

As always, hoping your day is as happy and productive as mine! If you want to read more about my day, my life, parenthood, books I’m reading, or things I’m writing, subscribe and follow!