Focus: 2019 February 6

Do you have a bored two-year-old? All you need to keep them entertained is the great outdoors and a pile of rocks.

Well, if you haven’t read already, today is my brothers birthday! I posted another blog about that, so if you’d like to read some fun childhood memories and hear about how awesome my bro is, then click here. But it’s still another day of motherhood and life, so I’m back for my little daily focus to motivate, plan, and channel my productivity into happiness!


Today, my priorities are celebrating my brother and making sure my kiddo has an awesome, fun day! I’ve already made a yummy breakfast (bacon and eggs), cleaned up the kitchen, and folded the laundry – all before a cup of coffee, go me!

Currently, we’re playing outside in the backyard, and my son is once again filling the wagon with water and tossing rocks to see them splash! The pebbles are a big hit – he just realized these splash totally different.

Today, I want to catch up on some reading, work more on my book (I’m going to finish it this year, no excuses!), put the clean laundry away, pick up my room a little, and do some other writing as well – as long as it doesn’t interfere with time with my bro and my kiddo.

It’s such a beautiful day in Texas. It’s in the seventies, and although it’s overcast, cloudy, and muggy, it actually feels just right outside. It’s such a nice change from the cold we had a few weeks ago. We’re going to enjoy the outdoors until lunch (and probably again after), and then I’ll squeeze all my lovely time to be productive into the two hours my kid is napping.

I will…

I will play outside with my kiddo.

I will feed my kiddo healthy meals.

I will read.

I will write, continuing my first novel of the series I have planned.

I will blog – possibly in addition to this blog, ha!

I will put away my clean laundry.

I will pick up and clean my room – and pick up my kids room, again.

I will continue to organize the game room.

I will play! I will read! I will encourage naptime, which should be soon!

I will hang out with my brother and my family.

I will start my orange theme on Instagram.

I will be productive!

I will allow myself to rest when I need it!

And most immediately, I will enjoy a cup of coffee!

I am…

I am happy.

I am healthy.

I am an epic mom.

I am a badass gal.

I am productive.

I am energized!

I am ready for the day!

I am also getting skinnier, which is pretty cool, but now I need to get strong too.

Ah, I am strong!

Thanks for reading!

As always, hoping your day is as happy and productive as mine! How do you spend your days? How do you celebrate birthdays?

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