My Brother’s Birthday!

My brother on another birthday, always ready to celebrate!

Well today is a special day – my brother turns twenty-nine! I still have to do my “mom duties” and play big with my kiddo, but I’m so excited to celebrate my brother today. He’s the best brother a girl could hope for, and he’s the best uncle to my sweet little boy.

My Favorite Memory

My favorite memory with my brother is one of many awesome memories from Christmas. This particular Christmas we were sleeping in the same room – really, we were barely sleeping at all. We were probably old enough to understand that Santa is, in fact, very real (wink, wink), but I was a super strong believer still.

We were also at the perfect age where we thought we were being super silent, like the best spy in the world, but in reality we were probably very, very loud. My brother – not wanting me to see Santa – did the checking for us, meaning he kept cracking open the door and crawling down the hall to peak and see if the presents were under the tree.

I remember realizing that he probably saw Santa, or at least his “helpers,” and it was so cool of him to not let me go out and see exactly who Santa’s helpers were. I also remember that we were giddy with excitement because his face indicated that there were an excessive amount of presents that would be waiting for us in the morning.

Some Other Memories

A few other moments came to mind while writing this…

Playing in the small wooded area next to the house when we were young – my dad bought us real sling shots but I don’t think I was strong enough to actually use it effectively. We would pelt acorns towards each other.

Being taunted with those creepy bugs that shed and leave their old skin (is it an exoskeleton?) on twigs and branches… this has actually super prepared me for being a boy mom, thanks!

Watching my bro be the coolest skateboarder ever.

And of course, teaching me how to play video games.

Oh and there was watching endless hours of DBZ – Trunks is so cool.

And Pokémon! Watching Pokemon was so much better because we got the games and became so competitive. I remember being super excited to catch a Caterpie when it first came out, and he was super supportive, even though it and Zubat are probably the most common Pokémon in the game.

There’s a ton of other memories, especially as we got older, but for some reason those younger memories are really shining this morning.

Happy Birthday, Bro!

I can’t wait to celebrate with you! You’re such an awesome role model to have around my kiddo, and I am so lucky to have you as a brother! I always wanted to be just like you, and I feel like some of the best parts of me came from hanging out with you. My love of reading (although mom really pushed this for both of us), trying something new (because if you could do it, I could do it too), and the ability to still feel like a kid sometimes since you taught me so many cool games.

Thanks for being you, and I hope you have the best birthday ever. You’re the best Bubba, and we love you!