Focus: 2019 February 7

I always love to see the earth persevering no matter what we put on it.

Today has been great so far. My kiddo had a healthy breakfast – thanks mom! – and then we played outside. A cold front is coming to our area of Texas, so it was probably one of the last days we could play in the water outdoors until the warm weather returns… which isn’t usually too long of a wait anyways. We cuddled and cooked lunch – a burger a broccoli. No, I do not force veggies on my child; he actually loves them!

He’s currently taking a nap, and as soon as he fell asleep I began writing. I have a timeline planned for the novel I’m writing, and if I stay focused and write and revise a section or “event” every week day – not even weekends! – then I’ll be completely finished with it by the end of June… That realization alone is SO exciting! And then of course there’s the eight other novels to work on that will follow and accompany it, taking place in the fictional world I’ve created. I can’t wait to share it with more people, it’s just not quite ready yet.

And I honestly don’t even think it will take me until the end of June. Most of these sections or events are already written – they just need a little TLC: some light editing, rewording, or maybe even nothing at all. Then there’s the whole mess of getting published, but I really believe it’s a story that people will want to read.

For the rest of my day, I want to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate; continue being productive; and play with my kiddo.

I will…

I will put my laundry away.

I will do a little reading.

I will play big with my kiddo.

I will blog a little more.

I am…

I am happy.

I am healthy.

I am energized.

I am an awesome mom!

I am ready for the evening to begin!

Thanks for reading!

As always, hoping your day is as happy and productive as mine! If you want to read more about my day, my life, books I am reading, things I am writing, and motherhood, subscribe and follow below and on social media!