Focus: 2019 February 9

Well it’s Saturday morning! My allergies are killing me, but thanks to nasal spray and ibuprofen, I can breathe and I’m less achy. I’m not exactly feeling motivated this morning, so I’m hoping this daily focus blog will help motivate and energize me so I can tackle the day.


My kid is enjoying breakfast right now, and I’m chugging as much water as possible. After breakfast, we’ll probably have a fun morning running around Target or a bookstore. Last time we were at a bookstore, he was entertained for two hours and went up and down the stairs seven times, so I think another indoor outing would be fun.

After a fun and busy morning, I’ll let myself rest a little today. I might do some light cleaning, reading and writing, but I’ll probably relax and take my time getting ready for date night during my kid’s nap.

It’s really cold outside today, and yesterday my kiddo was not pleased with the weather at all. Staying busy and running indoor errands will help keep him entertained, and it will be fun for me as well to do some browsing and window shopping. I am looking forward to sunny, warm weather returning!

I will…

I will drink a lot of water.

I will keep my kiddo busy this morning.

I will read.

I will write.

I will do some light cleaning.

I will relax.

I will have a fun and relaxing date night!

I am…

I am happy.

I am productive.

I am ready for a fun Saturday!

Thanks for reading!

As always, hoping your day is as happy and productive as mine. If you’d like to read more about my day, my life, motherhood, books I’m reading, or things I’m writing, follow and subscribe below and on social media!





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