Focus: 2019 February 11

One of my favorite ways to take a “mommy break” is to enjoy a book. What have you read lately?

Good morning!

My allergies are still awful, but I’m feeling more rested this morning! I’m feeling motivated enough to try to exercise a little today – I think the movement and extra energy will help me shake off any illness. My kiddo is happy, I’m happy, and there’s a whole week ahead to have fun!


There’s so much I want to do today, so I’m just going to do a little bit of everything and not get down when I move on from one thing to the next. However, I definitely want to do a little writing today during my kiddo’s nap, and I want to at least pick up and de-clutter for about twenty minutes during that time as well.

I want to keep my kid active and out and about. Since I already have allergies, we’re not going to an indoor playscape today since I don’t want extra germs to fight off. Instead, we’ll go to Target or the bookstore – he has so much fun running around and although there’s still germs, I feel like they’re less concentrated on specific objects. That could be totally flawed thinking, but I want to browse through some books anyways!

I’m also going to really tackle keeping my kiddo’s skin moisturized. He has a problem with eczema, and I’m determined to keep it extra moisturized and use his anti-itch cream so help him heal up! It’s already looking a lot better than yesterday, so I’ll set timers on my phone to moisturize often.

I will…

I will clean and declutter.

I will organize.

I will play big with my kiddo.

I will read.

I will write.

I will get my kid out of the house.

I will exercise.

I will hydrate.

I will eat healthy.

I will plan activities for the week to keep us busy and having fun!

I am…

I am happy.

I am energized.

I am an awesome mom.

I am a reader.

I am a writer.

I am motivated.

I am eager to make my dreams a reality.

I am ready for the day!

Thanks for reading!

As always, hoping your day is as productive and happy as mine! If you want to read more about my days, my life, motherhood and parenting, books I’m reading, or things I’m reading, follow and subscribe below and on social media!





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